Fighting against poverty/Our programs

“Poverty is the worst situation a human being can face”

If you are poor, you have no way out to solve this problem because governments don’t do enough to create stability and trust to attract more investments and the traditional banks don’t really care about them ,Microfinance “Has been called a weapon against poverty and hunger ”by the United Nations. Because they don’t have no collateral to guarantee a loan. It is very difficult to respond at those events such, as sickness or death of a family member, hurricanes or droughts and thefts or fires. These bad events will hold you back in your battle to escape poverty.

At FTMD this is our Economic Development Program/Microfinance; 1) Micro-loans / Business Literacy and training. 2) Micro-assurance to protect their assets, Health and death .3) Housing projects loans. 4) Remittances/money transfer, currency exchange at a preferential rates, in the near future.

Step one

Struggle/Creole speaking//Degage, the first individual loan received $75.00 for three month renewal contract to start the challenge against poverty through our trainings and one on one monitoring, motivation and evaluation. It protects them as they move forward along a two-year experience from struggle until they have their own ability to manage their micro-enterprise and are ready to be part of a microfinance program amount from US 100.00 and up.

Step two

This is my business/Creole Speaking/Sa se biznis Pam (Solidarity Group) is for families that are ready to manage a loan as $150.00, the second step in FTMD’s core solidarity-group credit program. Sa Se Biznis Pam offers them these loan repayment periods up to six month, additional support from their loan officer, monitoring and business literacy classes.

Step three

Don’t look back; Creole Speaking/Pa Gade Deye (Solidarity Group) credit is FTMD’s core program. Groups of five “Close friends” organized themselves into solidarity groups that take out their loans together. These groups are organized in turn into Credit Centers of 30-40 women that become long-term organized women focused to individual and community economic and social empowerment and development. Starting with six month loans of $1500.00, women can grow within this program until they can borrower sums as large as $2500.00 and up for 12 months renewal based on their potentiality. The groups meet together regularly for Literacy, Business Training, exchanges and health programs.

Step four

Business Development will be for (SME) Small and Medium Enterprises at large to provide them two to five years-long renewal loans that will start at $1,500 and up. It would have customers borrowing $10,000 and more in the near future. This program would help clients become part of the formal sustainable economy , including the flow of goods, services and  social enterprises that will develop the remote areas sectors responsibly, by creating jobs opportunity and wealth to the Haitian economy in remote areas where the unemployment rates is really high. 

Sports for Change

In the near future: To start the (Sports For Change) Foreign exchange Program with Sports Academies overseas, a Soccer and Basketball Academy for underprivileged children in Haiti for good sportsmanship, health, discipline, self-respect, values, principles, love,jobs creation and wealth opportunity for them in Haiti and all over the world throughout contracts in the sports industry.

Agriculture/environmental (V.E.R.T Haiti):

FTMD plans to work in places where livelihoods and economies are under extreme pressure. The results are hunger, poverty, natural disaster, natural resources exploitation, environmental problem, drought, conflict and a lack of opportunities for youth. In most cases, agriculture is the mainstay of the local economy.
In these transitional environments, FTMD will address agricultural programming works with farmers, agri-businesses, communities and local governments to provide tools to increase incomes, planting trees, alternative bio energy, and improve environmental sustainability during extreme disasters and poverty, people need immediate assistance just to stay alive. But in the long term, our goal is to help build a sustainable local economy that can bring back about the old greatest social and environmental gains while avoiding dependency by coaching and monitoring:

Agricultural loans program for small and medium farmers to fund solar panels mini factories to power water pumps to farm and give power to tiny houses in the remote areas in order to fight hunger, inequality and to boost economic growth and employment..


Civic Education, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Mental Sports, Music/Dance classes and Pre k and Kindergarten. Youth Club program: Field trips, Conferences, workshops, community services, guidance, Empowerment and foreign exchange program through universities partners. Etc.

FTMD plans to engage youth in Haiti in the process of democratic nation building, structural, procedures, decentralization, self-suffiency, independent, participating in local decision-making processes and effective government administration. Our staff will train and assist established youth organizations to provide civic education and meaningful networking opportunities that improve the understanding between youth and government decision makers. This program will reach more than 50% percent of the population and target the most vulnerable youth, including those with disabilities and in prison.

Health Care:

FTMD sees public health as the foundation for long-term development. Without reliable access to proper nutrition, clean water, sanitation and health services, it is impossible for people to move beyond the urgency. Because health care is such a critical issue, we fight to integrate health care activities into our other work.

Healthy mothers ensure healthy families. FTMD’s maternal health programs will emphasize good nutrition before, during and after pregnancy, prenatal supplements and wisely seeking care when dangerous complications appear during pregnancy or delivery. We plan to open up many Clinics in the remote areas to ensure that newborns and children get optimal care and treatment for significant health challenges including diarrhea, malnutrition, pneumonia, cholera, tuberculosis and provide hygiene education, water and sanitation infrastructure. Counseling and prevention program to fight teen pregnancy, underage drinking, drugs consuming and health care for pets as well.


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