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It’s better to teach someone how to fish, instead of giving him/her a fish daily.

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FTMD is a USA 501 (c)3 charity and the Tax ID number is 27-1758767

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P.O .Box 4256 Hollywood FL, 33083


Universities, Schools and Congregations, and local support groups throughout the United States come together to support the mission of FTMD. If interested in planning local initiative, please contact us at 786-663-9336  to get from us  the assistance needed  to realize your initiative.


FTMD is Haiti’s trustworty microfinance institution serving the needy of Gonaives and other underprivileged in rural communities throughout Haiti. FTMD has one main office in Gonaives Haiti. FTMD tends to expand its presence all over the rural areas in order to reach clients that have been left behind by the Haitian traditional Banks. You can truly help FTMD serve these poor people by sponsoring a branch office in rural Haiti.

For more information on how you can sponsor a branch office, please contact:

Theova Milfort at 786-663-9336


Get your employer involved in fighting poverty in Haiti!

  • Get from your employer a company form to fill out and submit along with your donation for FTMD USA to process and return to the employer.  Soon after, your employer will send to FTMD USA the equivalent of your donation.
  •  Send us your donation first. After receiving an acknowledgment from FTMD USA, thanking you for your contribution then submit it to your employer’s matching gifts agent to complete the submission process and do the follow up.

For more information on how to get your employer involved, contact FTMD USA at 786-663-9336.

Any monetary contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the legal legislature.


FTMD will consider the benevolence of any professionals services . We also welcome donated office equipment, services and electronics equipment are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

For more information, please contact FTMD USA at 786-663-9336 or by email us.

Donate a car:

Sign your Motor Vehicle title to FTMD and send to
P.O. Box 4256 Hollywood FL, 33083 and call us at 786-663-9336 for details.

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