“The economy must start at the bottom of the pyramid in order for no one to be left behind”
Theova Milfort

The FTMD is a nongovernmental organization founded June 10, 2007 after a reflection of its principal founder Mr. Théova Milfort whose a Haitian young Businessman, Financial Advisor, Movie Star and former Soccer player who started the institution with a vision: a vision to provide the key of economic success for all Haitians, even the poorest, to participate in the economic development of Haiti.Nothing the multiple needs of the Haitian population, is dedicated to stand up and make a drop in the mill sustainable economic development of Haiti by providing its own funds. No infrastructure of all kinds to meet the new challenges of the millennium, now Haiti needs all his sons and daughters and foreign real friends so she can reach the path of modern development. Indeed, Mr. Théova joined Haitian citizens who were also aware of the distress, were ranged around him to create the (FTMD) Fondation Theova Milfort Pour Le Development Inc. and for the great adventure begins by helping the needy in different areas such as education, health, vocational training, and microfinance.

For back to school in September 2009, the FTMD distributed more than 15,000 notes books in over 12 schools in Gonaives, 23thDecember we distributed toys of all kinds to more than 600 children aged 5-12 years .August 2009 in Gonaives FTMD launched it’s Economic Development/micro Loans program for small market and expanding small enterprises and trained more than twenty loan officers who some take part in this great adventure. The FTMD also plans to work in the fields of Environment Development, Agriculture Development, Youth Development/ Sports for change and Health etc.. Members of the FTMD are those who believe in a better future for Haiti and not wonder what it can do for them but to work together to help their country out of this impasse so difficult of his life. “NOU TOUT LADAN’N” “WE’RE ALL PART OF IT” is the slogan of FTMD, a way to tell you that you too have your participation in this journey to make a better tomorrow.

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