FTMD is a USA 501(c) 3 Nonprofit Organization and Haiti’s microfinance institution for the Poor.” It is one of trustworthy microfinance institutions (MFI) in Haiti, serving more than 1,000 women borrowers, most of whom live and work in the remote city of Gonaives and in Haiti in the near future, and more than 200 savers. With its network of 1 branch covering almost every region of Gonaives; Flooded in September 2004 more than 2500 people died and in September 3, 2008 killed thousands and damaged all infrastructures and economic resources, hurricane Ike ,Hannah and Jeanne. Our approach is different to poverty alleviation includes the following services: The social business model…

Haiti; Long Term Solution Plan Post Hurricane Mathew by FTMD, Fondation Theova Milfort Pour le Development Inc. “We’re all part of it”

Isaiah 66:9: “If I cause you the pain. I will not stop you from giving birth to your new nation,” says your God.

It’s heartbreaking to see many Counties, Cities and Municipal Districts in the Southwest and Northwest of Haiti are destroyed by hurricane Mathew; the population lost almost everything, loss of hundreds lives, animals, farms/crops, houses and number of houses damaged and destroyed. Basically, the southwest of Haiti needs all kind of help, your donation is so important. Please click http://www.ftmdhaiti.org/

Our humanitarian mission plan in two steps;

1)      Immediate assistance, like food, water, clothes, sheets, medical supplies, potable solar panels/ flash light/alternative energy, shelters/tents and houses/churches/schools repairs will be implemented and dispatched, interventions in Petit-Goave throughout its twelve Municipal Districts and Grand-Goave throughout its seven Municipal Districts,  Miragoane and at large Cayes and Jeremie areas based on funds collected.

 “It’s better to teach someone how to fish instead of giving someone a fish daily” 

2)      Mostly, we will set up three offices in the cities respectively in order to organize and empower thousands of farmers and women in group of five (Commère Solidaire) to start our (Economic Development/Microfinance/Loans/Business Literacy Program) in order to create businesses, jobs and wealth to help them getting back on their feet, be part of the national economy, be able to send the children to school, to serve a hot meal daily and be able to build their own solid houses in near future and build up many solid houses at low cost program etc.

Petit Goave;

·        Première Plaine (dont Bino et le village de « Vialet »,2) Deuxieme Plaine,3) Trou Chouchou,4) Fond-Arabie,5) Trou Canaries(1), 6) Trou Canaries(2), 7) Les Platons(1),8) Les Platons (2),9)Les Palmes(1),10) Les Palmes(2),11) Ravine Seche, 12) Les Fourques.

Grand Goave:

·        1) Tête-à-Bœuf (1),2) Tête-à-Bœuf (2),3) Moussambé (1) 4) Moussambé (2) 5) Grande Colline(1) 6) Grande Colline (2) and 7) Gérard.

·        Miragoane, Petite riviere de Nippes, Paillant and Fonds Des Nègres and at large based on funds.

We are looking for volunteers to go to Haiti for medical and construction humanitarian mission.

 Please make your donations at WWW.ftmdhaiti.org

Theova Milfort Founder/CEO at FTMD/786-663-9336

God bless you all!

We plan to open more branches all over Haiti in the near future.


Please contribute to this cause

Your total amount is : 10.00 (Currency: USD)

FTMD Haiti-Microfinance is the way…

  • Micro-Loans, using solidarity group (Commeres Solidaires) methodology conducted by Nobel Prize Dr Muhammad Yunus in Bangladesh.
  • Small and medium ranked business development loans to improve a business
  • A multiple savings products
  •  Currency exchange services
  • Money transfer(remittance) services (next year)
  • Literacy, business skills, women’s health, children’s rights , and education for borrowers
  • Social impact monitoring
  • Life and credit, micro-insurance

Testimonial of Varice Themetide

Coordinator of the FTMD Maranatha Camp

“It is better to teach someone how fish instead of giving him or her a fish dailly”

“My name is Varice Themetide I am the coordinator of Maranatha Camp which is one of FTMD branches. I thank very much FTMD for giving us the possibility to keep our business functioning. But we would like to have more loans to be able to do more and also feed and send our children to school. We are so grateful that FTMD is around to help us. Again thank you very much FTMD! ”

Visit our Testimonials Page to view what the people we help have to say

Video Testimonials

Our Mission

The mission of the FTMD since 2009, in Gonaives/Haiti is to save lives, to alleviate suffering and to maintain human dignity.

The program would help clients become part of the formal economy creating jobs and wealth in remote areas where the unemployment rates is really high.

"This is my way to give back to my community".Theova Milfort

AND MORE: In the near future FTMD plans to have program for the small-and-medium enterprise sector (SME) at large, including the flow of goods, social enterprise that develops rural sectors responsibly, and creation of jobs and wealth to the Haitian economy.

Who we help:

Optimistic young & Courageous Mothers Determined Entrepreneurs. Hardworking farmers and Professionals .They live in tiny remote villages and in the slums of Haiti, listening to their needs, helping any way we can.


Fighting poverty;To deliver financial services for the poor in the remote areas at very low interest rates compare to the traditional Banks. Empower Women and the youth; lift them up from the scratch step by step based on the Dr. Muhammad Yunus in Bangladesh strategies (Solidarity Group Loans Program) which is a tremendous result for us. Now we are helping needy women through this program, it’s working: Microfinance/Business Literacy and Small Loans, and we have more programs to come for them and with them to empower them through microloans, create business innovations/activities, jobs opportunity and wealth in the communities, like Youth Club/Sports for Change, Health Care, Agriculture/environment and Education programs. etc. Right now we have financial trouble to serve our existing and the waiting list beneficiaries/clients.

Our Principles

  • Women symbolize the spine of the economy in Haiti.
  • We provide business literacy and loans to monitor their route out of poverty.
  • The economy must start at the bottom of the pyramid in order for no one left behind.
  • Haiti cannot overcome its obstacles without the help of its Diaspora through his remittances and its good will as well.
  • Leadership, entrepreneurship, dignity, discipline ,courage, vision and prosperity
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